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Three Ridges Wilderness AT Maupin Field Shelter Harpers Creek Shelter

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This is an outstanding 14.5 mile loop hike that takes you from the parking at Reeds Gap South along the Appalachian Trail through the Three Ridges Wilderness and then back via the blue blazed Mau-Har Trail along Campbell Creek. The return via the Mau-Har Trail is very difficult at the top (North) end as you work your way back to the Maupin Field Shelter. Both the Maupin Field Shelter and the Harpers Creek Shelter have outstanding water and tent sites. The privies are only soso concrete vault type and stink a bit. They were still moderately clean given the heavy use this time of year. There are a number of nice views along the Three Ridges and the Mau-Har Trail is beautiful with lots of small waterfalls.
I also went back and slack packed the portion of trail skipped last week from VA56 at the Tye River North up to the intersection with the Mau-Har Trail. This is a 1.7 mile out and back that is uphill with about 1100 elevation gain. There are plenty of switchbacks and it is not hard. There is nothing of significance (other than the bridge at the Tye River) to view.
This was a 19.2 mile hike in total for me, covering another 10.7 miles of the AT. 😊
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  1. trailbird85's Avatar
    It is a beautiful area! I love it! Can you provide me with any information as to whether the Maupin Fields Shelter is still opened? I had heard through some articles that the Maupin Fields Shelter has been permanently closed- when you passed by in August was it still up and running? I use the bear pole for storing my food; but I haven't been to the Maupin Fields Shelter since April of '17

    Thanks for any info! Happy Hiking!
  2. Kaptainkriz's Avatar
    I stayed overnight at Maupin Field Shelter - very nice area. lots of tent sites, privy, and bear bag pole all there. I was just there and it was open with lots and lots of people camping there.
    Updated 08-27-2018 at 10:05 by Kaptainkriz