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Blessed to avoid trouble! (Part 2)

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My original plan was to use the next day to hike up the south side of Moosilauke, having done the north side a few years ago. However, fearful of the well-publicized difficulty of this hike
and the fact that I knew my legs already tired from vertical walking, I decided to spend the morning shopping for Shuttle’s birthday; and then do a simple, one-hour up and one-hour down stroll on this trail. I figured this would give me an idea on whether I need any additional equipment (knee pads? hiking gloves?) to do this for real.
After an hour or so of seeing spectacular cataracts, I decided to continue to what my Guthook{R} app said would be an overlook just under a mile up this trail. When I met a hiker coming down, I asked how far to this overlook, and he whipped out his Guthook and told me how far to the summit. I apologized for my angry reply that I wanted to know about the overlook, not the summit, but found that, to my amazement, I was less than a mile from the junction where I had hiked to when I did the north side of Moosilauke. I quickly calculated how much time it would take me to get there and back, and realized I could readily do this before darkness. Wow!!
I got to the junction, not far past the shelter, and then got down to the parking lot way before darkness. Frankly, I amazed myself.

Returned home the next day, and immediately got ready for a weekend trip to Delaware with Shuttle. The number of miles done on this trip were a mere 15.3 in three days, but I’ve gotten some pretty rough miles out of the way. I’ll probably be able to go over 1600 miles by the end of 2019.