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"The Ethics of Thru-Hiking During the COVID-19 Pandemic"

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Quote Originally Posted by med2 View Post
How are you putting others at risk when individuals take risk each and every day. We must choose our own level of comfort. If I chose to hike the trail or go to the store during the Wuhan virus scare, that is my choice. Those that are hiking take the INDIVIDUAL risk of hiking. Just because someone else gets a warm and fuzzy feeling telling others how they personally should live is ridiculous. Okay, let's play this nonsense out. "Today I saw a bear on the trail near Hot Springs!" "Don't go there!" "Call the ATC and ask them to support stoping hikers from that area until a bear expert can give us the all-clear"....or, we as individuals can make the choices for ourselves knowing there was a bear spotted on the trail.

People hike the trail each and every day with some kind of common cold or flu virus not knowing initially they have it. Should we stop hikers from hiking because there MIGHT be a risk? Of course not. Same with the Wuhan virus. Let the individual hiker assume his or her own choice and if they feel comfortable with the risk.

The ATC closing their offices at Amicalola Falls State Park is silly. They are doing nothing except making themselves feel warm and fuzzy.
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