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Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din

AT#30 Kakadjo Road to Monson

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September 24-October 2, 2019

AT#30 ME Kakadjo Road to Monson

Solo Hike (MIA)
September 24
Departed Midlothian VA to Shaw’s at Monson to catch shuttle at 6:30 am to Kajadjo Rd
Hiked 9 mi. to Logan Branch LT fording Pleasant River and climbing half of White Cap.
Hiked 7.2 mi to Carl Newhall LT going past White Cap, Hay Mtn, and Gulf Hagas Mtn summits. Got extremely close to female Moose near Sidney Tappan campsite.
Hiked 10 mi to Chairback LT hiking up Chairback Mtn. Tough ascending but not a deal killer. Plenty of pics!
Hiked to Long Pond LT up Third, Fourth and Barren Mtns. There were some steep ascents that reminded me of southern Maine near Gorham.
Hiked 12 miles to Stealth site 2 miles north of Wilson Valley LT ; tough and steep climbing. Before getting to the stealth site at 8:30 in the dark went wrong direction after changing for a thunderstorm thereby wasting 6 miles and 2 hours. Lost ground cover and hiking cap. Met thru hiker at tent Stealth site who lost phone fording stream. If I did not see his camp light I would have never found the site.
Hiked 9 mi to Leeman Brook LT crossing 2 fords over rocks and roots but not muddy!
Hiked 4 mi to Route 25 Monson on very foggy day going past Spectacle Pond. Thumbed a ride to Shaw’s in Monson with local doctor. Started driving home after lunch. Left my hiking shoes at Shaw’s and they shipped them back to me! Thanks Shaw’s!

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