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Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din

AT#28 ME Monson to Rangeley

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AT#28 ME Monson to Rangeley

Monson to Rangeley

With 2 Mile

95N to ME 202 to ME 4 to ME 133 to ME 2 to ME 4
SOBOUND 106 miles

June 12
Drive 14 hours to Hostel at Rangeley spent night and took a shuttle for 2+ hours to Route 15 Monson arriving at trail 9am.
June 13
1)ME Route 15 to
Horseshoe Canyon LT 9miles 200’ descent
Ford Piscataquis River. Beautiful hiking!
June 14
2)Horseshoe Canyon LT to
Bald Mtn LT 9 miles flat until ascending Moxie Bald 1200’ and descend to shelter.
June 15
3)Bald Mtn LT to Pleasant Pond LT 14miles Slight descent 3.5 miles before climbing 1500’ for 5 miles. Steep descent of 1200’ down 1 mile to shelter.
June 16
4)Pleasant Pond LT to Caratuck US 201 to Resupply 6 miles. Descend 500’ 6 miles to road. Ate lunch (BBQ and Coffee milkshake) ,Re-supplied .Got to Kennebeck Ferry at 11 am. We were the last to get across. Hiked 5.5 miles to Pierce Pond Shelter.
June 17
5)Pierce Pond Shelter to West Cary LT 10 miles
Ascend 500’ over 5 miles then hike flat for 5 miles.
June 18
6)West Cary LT to East Flagstaff Road. Hiked 6 miles. Shuttled to Stratton (Route 27) because of severe thunderstorms 6. Spent night and resupplied.
June 19
7)Slack Packed back to East Flagstaff Road and hiked 16.5 miles by climbing the Bigellows and added 2 miles to Route 27. Climb 2000’ over 1.5 miles up Bigelow Mtn that has 2 rocky peaks descend 700’ to South Horn; then over 5 miles descend 1750’ to Route 27. Thumbed ride to Stratton to hostel.
8)Route 27 to
Crocker Cirque Campsite. Climb 2500’ over 5 miles up Crocker Mtn which has 2 peaks. Over 2 miles descended 1,250' to campsite. "2 Mile"decided to vacate any hiking after reaching road to get shuttle to Rangeley due to illness.
June 21
Crocker Cirque to Poplar Ridge LT 14 miles.
Over 2 miles descent of 1500’ to Carrabassett River then ascend 1500’ over 3 miles to Poplar Ridge LT. From the River it is a steep ascent over large rocks. The trail climbs Spaulding Mountain then descends steeply to Orbeton Stream which was used as logging sluice stream with waterfalls. It’s hard to find trail to descend below the waterfall; turn right and then a quick left that’s not marked! Then climb a very steep ascent to Shelter arriving at 8:30 pm. There were considerable trees blocking trail due to spring storms. Made hiking very slow.
June 22
Poplar Ridge to ME 4 11miles .Climb 3 peaks over 5 miles with sharp steep ascents. From Saddleback summit descend 2000’ to Route 4. This was a spectacular segment with a lot of hiking above the tree line. Worth a redo!
Met 2 Mile at trailhead, went to Hostel at 6 pm. Showered and drove home 15 hours over night!
June 23 Arrived home at 2pm10/3-10/8/18
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