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Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din

AT#26 NH Crawford Notch to Rangeley ME Route 4

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AT#26 NH Crawford Notch to Rangeley ME Route 4

With 2 Mile

6:00 am RIC Jet Blue 381
$314.30 ea
Arrived 7:35 am
Concord Bus to N Conway
Departed 9:25 am arrived11:15 am $31 each; shuttle at 1:00 from Bruce 504-615-9497 $35/2 to the Barn in Gorham. Reservations for 6/30 and 6/5 at the Barn.

June 30 Travel Day to Gorham NH went to the Libby House 603-466-2271 or 603-724-6129 Paul provided ride to US 2. Hiking South to Imp.

July 1 US 2 to Imp Shelter 8 miles ($8 fee) This was a rocky steady climb to a descent down Moriah Mtn. We arrived at Imp just in time for a huge thunderstorm and stayed in a shelter.

July 2 Imp Shelter to Pinkham Notch 13.7 miles. Up Mt Carter - a steep and rocky climb. Then descended to Carter Dome and the AMC Hut. There were some big ups and down Carter's summit, then ascended and descended all 4 Wildcats finishing with a dangerous descent at 11:30 pm and arriving at Pinkham at 12:45. We were pulverized and missed dinner!

July 3 PN Shelter to Madison Springs Hut 8 miles Total for AMC Huts: $595.54/2 #365583. after a easy ascent for 1.5 miles;started a steep rock climb through the trees that took hours.!Arriving above the tree line and ascended Madison under high winds. No trail just rocks and cairns. Arrived at Madison Hut at 7:30 pm. Great food and nice Hut.
July 4 MS Hut to Lake of the Clouds Hut 7 miles. The easiest hike so far up to Washington and then descended to LOC. Great views and Hut! The facilities a top Washington are a tacky tourist trap! July 5 LofC Hut to Route 302 11 miles. This was a beautiful picturesque hike following a ridge trail.Took AMC shuttle ($20)to Gorham to spend night; provisioned for 5 days to get to Andover.
July 6 US 2 to Trident Campsite 7 mile. This was a long grind but moderate climb.

July 7 Trident to Carlo Col Shelter. 9.7 miles.This was a long and tedious set of ups and downs day; it seemed to go on forever.Crossed NH/ ME state line at 7:46 am. Arrived at 9pm after a 8ft sheer drop with pack between stones creating a man-size crack! Yikes!

July 8 Carlo Col to Full Goose Shelter.A long rough steady climb up Goose Eye Mt. Ascended Goose Eye Mtn during a hail storm. Goose Eye had 3 peaks.We were totally exposed. Arrived at 4 pm.

July 9 FG Shelter to Mahoosic Notch Campsite. 3.7 miles.Desended to the infamous Mahoosic Notch 1 mile.This was outrageously dangerous. We crawled without packs under 3 separate bolders Took 5 hours. Then went to Campsite. We were exhausted. July 10 Mahoosic Notch Campsite to Speck Pond.$10 Went up MN Arm which was rock ascent hold on to your life bolder climb! Speck was a new Shelter not quite completely done because it had a roof leak!
July 11.Speck Pond Shelter to Andover Grafton Notch Pine Ellis Hostel.5 miles of a long and tedious ascent with steep exposed rock face with an ascent of rocks and bogs- yuck!

July 12 Pine Ellis Hostel. Slack packed up Baldplate Mtn with MIA blowing by Bald Plate Lean-To missing water! Went up the beautiful bald granite faces of BP Mtn descending to a beautiful waterfall near Dunn Notch and ascended to East B Hill Road.

July 13 Zero day at Pine Ellis due to rain. Total cost of Pine Ellis including shuttles: $126 cost of mailing excess baggage home 5.4 lbs $20. July 14 Pine Ellis to Hall Mtn Lean To. 5 miles up Wyman Mtn with tricky ups and downs. No views ridge walking.
July 15 HM Shelter to Black Brook Campsite ;4.1 Long hard dayclimbing Moody Mtn with no views due to fog.
July 16 of July 16 Black Brook Shelter to Bemis Mtn Shelter to 8.8 miles; forded Black Brook in Crocs before hiking up a granite bald plate with confusing circling of the Mtn. AT added mileage because of storm damage of fallen trees. Wrecked trying to kill a horse fly and sprained my wrist! Hiked up Old Blue Mtn which was a steep and rocky climb.

July 17 Bemis Shelter to Sabath Day Pond Shelter 8.2 miles of ascending to Route 17 and on to Shelter. Humid weather slowed us down! Shelter and Pond were beautiful. Heard loons and owls at night.
July 18 SDP to Rangeley Route 4 9.8 miles. A long and muddy descent where I fell into a bog due to slippery timbers. Luckily inside of pack and tent were waterproof. Trail Magic Cokes at parking lot including a free ride to Farmhouse Rangeley Hostel!
July 19 Rangeley Hostel (The Farmhouse $30) then took to Gorham $100 shuttle Stage Coach)cost 3 hour ride the next day with Bernie at 10 am arriving at Libby House at 1:45.
July 20 at Libby House in Gorham. Could not go past Rangeley because passing it required 5 more days without roads or no way to get back to Gorham.July 21 Libby House Zero Day due to waiting for plane flight.

Concord Bus $36 to Logan Airport
Jet Blue Flight 382
Confirmation AOITSV
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