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Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din

4/21-5/2 2015 AT#24 NJ High Point to Great Barrington MA

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4/21-5/2 2015

AT#24 NJ High Point to Great Barrington MA

With 2 Mile

Greyhound to Port Jervis NY leaves 7:15am arrives 5:19pm $52
AT High Point S.P. HQ 1332.3 4/21 High Point Shelter 1333.8. 1.5 miles 1336.8 7 miles west to Unionville.Hiked about 2 miles up and around the Obelisk Monument that can be seen for miles on the trail past a viewing stand and on to the shelter. Old style lean to shelter with metal roof with a modern picnic table. 4/22 Wawayanda Shelter 1358. 25 miles Hiked along a gentle trail that was new forest then through some fields with far off mountain views. Passed a full trout stream and then a bog with wood boards. Viewed stone walls and numerous spring wild flowers. Passed by an organic farm. Had views of the valley of western NJ. Passed by Pochuck Mtn Shelter and a long pedestrian bridge built to cross a large bog and wetlands area. Climbed Pochuck Mtn.with great views for pics and passed Pochuck creek to water up. 4/23 1363.6 (2 miles west to restaurant) Wildcat 1370 12 miles Hiked by the state line at mile 822. It was painted on some rocks. Closeby was a US flag commemorating 9/11. Passed by Greenwood Lake .At Prospect Rock we climbed a steel ladder to the top! This is a picturesque place with a cairn marking the summit. A sign marked ME 819 miles! At the top we were at NY 17A and hiked 1/2 mile to get Ice Cream made by a local farm, Bellvale Creamery. 2 Mile got a huge banana split and I got a coffee milkshake. We hiked Prospect Rock (1333'highest in NY), Eastern Pinnacles and Cat Rock with great views of the lake. Plenty of wild flowers. 4/24 Fingerboard Shelter 1384. 14 miles hiked past Fitzgerald Falls which was running strong and did a long series of ups and downs to Little Dam Lake and then through a very real Lemon Squeezer ( take your pack off!)at mile 802. There were foot bridges and beaver ponds. We got trail magic near NY 17 - the muffins were great! There was a trail sign with arrows to everywhere including NYC's GW bridge- 52 miles! Fingerboard was a large stone Shelter with a pitiful water source down a long hill and no privy. TP paper was blowing everywhere. 4/25 1395.6 .8 west to small grocery. 1401.3 quick mart at trail crossing Bear Mtn Bridge Hotel 1399. 15 miles Series of ups and downs to the Hudson River. Passed by Wm Brien Memorial Shelter which could sleep 4 tops! Kept descending to Bear Mtn Zoo and got a ride from the Bear Mtn Bridge Motel owner. This was a nice old style hotel with an eateries across the street for dinner and breakfast. The climb and descent up Bear Mtn was tough and we could see NYC from a small vantage point along the way. 4/26 Fahnstock Sunken Mine Road 1416. 17 miles Crossed the Bear Mtn Hudson Bridge and started climbing back up Shenandoah Mtn 700'. Stayed in a beautiful Campsite close to Canopus lake. Passed by Greymmor Spiritual Life Center Hill . 4/27 1425.4 (.3 east to small store 1439.9 east to pizza) Morgan Stewart Shelter 1434 18 miles Hiked up West Mtn Stopping Morgan Stewart Shelter. We passed by NY 403 and got some outrageous deli food at the Appalachian convenience store near Peekskill. We passed over the I -84 overpass and the Teconic State Parkway. We also passed by Denning Hill along the way! Climbed up Mt Egbert and started seeing white birch trees! At West Mtn an American flag was painted on the rocks. Descending by Ralph's Peak Hikers cabin and got potable water. Then we climbed one long hill looking down on the parkway forever. We got off at Storyville and hiked down SR 52 to a pizza joint and got a huge pizza to take to the shelter. This wasted 2 hours of hiking time! 4/28 Wylie 1451 17 miles Hiked on flat trail through a thicket and wood bridges over a bog called Swamp River Boardwalk that had Adirondack chairs pointing to ME and GA the AT train station near Pawling (where Edward R Murrow lived)and got some Gatorade and Cliff bars (cheap price) at a nearby nursery and headed flat trail to Wylie. This was easy and fast trail albeit not wilderness. 4/29 Mt Algo 13 miles Hiking along an easy low land trail we came up on a beaver dam that backed up close to Conn Route 55. The road was bordered by a lake on the opposite side and we managed to hike 1/4 mile the wrong way making a left rather than right turn! Hiked some rolling forest hills passing Hoyt Red to the trail marker noting the Conn state line. Climbed 10 Mile Hill which was rocky on top with great views. A sign noted elevation at 1000' and 723 miles to Katahdin and 1442 miles to Springer!We hiked up a farm that had very fancy feeding bins for cattle. Saw some beautiful trillium along the trail. Crossed 10 Mile River bridge where a Starbucks Trail Magic Bag held a bunch of expresso shots for me! Parallel 10 Mile River that is beautiful river walk until we got to the 10 Mile River Lean To. It began raining so we took a long break. Then went 8 miles winding up to Mt Algo Shelter. It was a traditional log style Lean To with a privy. 4/30 Pine Swamp Brook Shelter 1480 17 miles Hiking along going uphill to St. John's Ledges and Stewart Hollow Brook Lean To. There were flowers blooming everywhere. We crossed Cornwall Bridge and climber 700' to Cesar Rd. The shelter was an old style wood log style with a porcupine protection rail. It was built on the side of a mountain in rocks. We got there at dark and within 30 minutes a storm hit; we were glad we watered up at Carse Brook before we got there! 5/1 Maria McCabe's House Salisbury 1495. Hiking near Falls Village we crossed the Housatonic River Bridge and down a road and side trail. We stopped at a picnic table along the River and had lunch. This was a pretty little Mill town with Hydro Power from the Great Falls Dam.Then we climbed and descended Prospect Mtn and dropped 800' to see the famous tongue stone. From here we curved around to Rands view where you can see Mt Everette in Mass. We followed Undermountain Road to Maria McCabes. Maria is a trail legend who runs a great Hostel. She'll drive you to a great Italian eateries where you can multitask your laundry and eat dinner! 5/2 MARY drove us to Great Barrington to catch bus. Note: you can catch bus at N Canaan which is closer to Salisbury. Pan Bus leaves 5/2 11:10am arrives at New York Port Authority 2:55pm $40.50; NY Port Authority Greyhound leaves 5:15 pm arrives 5/2 12:55 am. $40.
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