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Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din

8/4/14 - 8/12/14 AT#20 VT Manchester to Salisbury CON

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8/4/14 - 8/12/14

AT#20 VT Manchester to Salisbury CON

With 2 Mile

Thumbed ride to Trailhead south and arrived at 5:30pm. Had dinner at Double Hex Restaurant which is 2 miles down the hill on Route 11. This is a great place to eat before or during a hike. 8/5/14 Long day which included climbing Stratton Mtn. Hiked the green tunnel! The only big view was the pond and the Fire Tower! Met hiker from Midlothian Va who is an surveyor for the Timmons Group. The ascent was steady and not particularly steep and was devoid of big rocks. Had lunch at summit at 1:15. Arrived at shelter at 6:45. Dense green vegetation all the way. 8/6/14
Fairly easy hike in green tunnel with some mud and rocks in low areas. Water plentiful. High light was Glastenbury summit and fire tower where we saw a huge blond lab. The shelter close by, Goddard Shelter, is new with a great water source (pipe). Arrived at shelter at 6pm. Arrived at Vt Mass border at 10 am. 8/7/14. Uneventful day in mud and rocks but good cool temps and wind. Gapped by shelter distances so quit after 15 miles at 4pm. Ate lunch at Cobden at 11:15. 8/8/14 Arrived at VT-Mass border at 10 am (pic).Then went on to N.Adams and thumbed ride into town to reprovision and eat lunch. Got free lunch sat Desparados! Could select any entree! Took taxi back to trailhead for $6. Left N. Adams at 1:30 arrived at shelter at 7:15. Met thru hikers from Baltimore and London.8/9/14

VT Kay Wood Shelter - Click picture to see full size
Hiked to Cheshire Mass arrived at 10 am and looked for provisions but found a few snacks at Reynolds General Store. Wasted time looking for a defunct outfitter. Found a snack shack which was open next to bike trail. On leaving town southward we got lost because trail is poorly marked and lost a hour tapping in the woods. Luckily Guthook GPS program led us to the correct turn. Cobbles view was beautiful! On entry into Dalton met up with David Bird's trail magic! Long biting hike through town reprovision at convenience store and ate a large salad at Angelina's. Arrived at Kay Wood at 6:30 pm.

Mass Upper Goose Pond Cabin - Click picture to see full size
Hiked to the Cookie Lady located at Washington Mtn Road. Cookies and Lemonade break! Wet conditions with more mud then rocks. Bugs were awful. No views. Near the Mass Turnpike crossover got trail magic of apples and oranges. Ascent from here was tough and rocky up to the boundary line for Goose Pond Cabin. Arrived at 7pm to huge number of Nobounders at Cabin. Had a French shower that provided great relief. Next am had free pancakes that hit the spot 8/11/14 Mud, rocks and lots of ups and downs; reminded me on N. Penn AT. After going thru lots of hemlock forest and muddy trails and stream crossings arrived late at 7pm to empty shelter 8/12/14 Lots of major ups and downs on a buggy, wet trail with rocks but far less vegetation. Hiked through abandoned pastures and passed by US 7 Gt Barrington. Hiked to Jug End, Mt Bushnel and then onto Glen Brook shelter at 7 pm. Met Japanese female section hiker heading to AT Train Station. Had to tent camp because shelter was full. Great water source and tent sites under beautiful hemlock grove. 8/13/14 No room to avoid rain in shelter after we detented. Terrible weather reduced ascent and descents to waterfalls: dangerous. If you do this section take the Under Mountain side trail for Everette Mountain that is not listed as an bad weather alternate! We did not know about it. Ascent of Everette was steep, wet and absurdly dangerous. Wet and soaking conditions were terrible with high winds and sheeting rain and no views. Wrecked on easy part of descent and later had 13 stitches at a local ER in faraway Sharon adjacent to Salisbury! After mountains a long and boring descent into Salisbury. Arrived at 5:30 and bummed a ride to hospital from local doc located across from McCabe's. Waited 4 hours in ER to get stitches and spent $45 for cab between Sharon and Salisbury to Mc Cabe's! Missed a great dinner out at the Italian hangout. Crossed Mass CONN border at 11am. Took Peter Pan bus next am to NYC for $44 and then Greyhound to Richmond Va for $76. 12 hours of crowded bus riding!
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