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Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din

8/4-8/11 2015 AT#22 VT Manchester to Hanover NH

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8/4-8/11 2015

AT#22 VT Manchester to Hanover NH

With 2 Mile

NH 96 miles 8/4/15 Mile 1647 Route 11/30 to Bromley

Hiked 2 miles arrived at 4pm at Bromley which is an old Shelter with a metal roof 8/5/15 Bromley to Big Branch. Hiked 15 miles up 800' to Bromley Tower Ski area took pics descended to Mad Tom Notch and hiked up Peru Peak and down to Peru Shelter. Lots of different wild flowers blooming. Hiked past Griffith Lake and ate lunch. This is a wetlands area with beaver dams. Big Branch was built in 1963 with a redone tile roof with reasonable water source. 8/6/15 Big Branch to Claredon.(16 miles)Hiked in lowlands area with rocked streams and water with tannin coloration. Plenty of wild flowers blooming along the trail to Lula Tye Shelter. Hiked past Little Rock Pond and Greenwall Shelters. Hiked over VT 140 Footbridge and climbed Bear Mtn 1100'. We passed stone walls with remnants of old agricultural tools. There was an uplands area that had cairns stacked all over a small area. We took pics of this and wondered where all the rocks came from! After descending from Bear Mtn you can see a closeby small Rutland airport. Then you cross a suspension bridge over Claredon Gorge which is a beautiful small rock canyon. The forest is very lush and verdant with flowers. You pass by a small sign that says "Katahdin 500 miles". 8/7/15 Claredon to Church Hill Scott 15 miles Claredon is a stone and log cabin with a wide covered porch. From hear you do a short climb up Beacon Hill heading to Cold River Road in an area populated by diseased pine trees. Lots of astors blooming. There is one small view of a ski area along the trail. Next we passed a large running stream and got water. Then we hiked a long steady climb up toward Cooper Lodge Shelter. 8/8/15 CC Scott to Stony Brook (1707) 12 miles From Scott we descended to US 4 to Rutland and headed to the Tucker Johnson Shelter then we descended to the Long Trail Intersection (1698). We walked through pastureland and hayfields. We passed by Kent Pond and then climbed by a large stand of tall pines up to an area where we saw the Killington Ski area. Once again we passed numerous stone walls marking colonial era property. Some of the ridge tops were exposed with views. We saw a large newt on the trail and closeby astors and yellow flowers. Hiked thru upland pastures. 8/9/15 Stoney Brook to Pomphret Pond Campsite 17.4 miles 8/10/15 Pomphret Pond to Happy Hill (1732) 15 miles from the shelter we climbed up to Lakota Lookout which is a wide open path leading to a long descent to the Connecticut River. Hiked to Wintturi Shelter for lunch and watered up. Then hiked on to Pomret Pond Campsite. 8/11/15 Happy Hill to Dartmouth Hanover (1745) 6 miles In heavy rain hiked on into Hanover eventually on to the main drag into town and took pics at the VT/NH line. Bruce's hip was bothering him so we decided to stop in Hanover. Got showers at the Community Rec building. Saw a beautiful Vislah dog and Baltimore Jack in town(took pics) He died 4 months after we saw him of a heart attack. He was a subject of article in AT Jouneys Magazine Fall 2016.
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