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Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din

5/17-5/25/2013 AT#18 TN Smokies to Fontanna Dam

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AT#18 TN Smokies to Fontanna Dam

With 2 Mile

Hiked 3.3 miles after getting NPS permit at Big Creek Ranger Station starting at Green Corner Road. Crossed I -40 and Pigeon River going to Davenport Gap. Saw huge stands of trillium along the way with some nice views. Davenport Gap Shelter This was an old style Shelter with metal roof and covered eating area and plenty of tent sites 5/18 Hiked 13.3 miles Tri-Corner Knob. Climbed past rocks noting elevation at 5859'.great views and flowers. Passed and climbed up to Mt. Cammerer Fire Tower which had great views and a ladder system to get up to the tower. We had good weather and plenty of views 5/19 Hiked 12 miles Ice Water Spring Shelter Climbed Mt.Chapman and Mt Sequoyah having lunch at Pecks Corner Shelter. Kept climbing past the Sawteeth rocks passing by Charlie's Bunion with views of Mt LeConte (wish we could have hiked to that Hostel albeit off the trail!). 5/20 15 miles Double Spring Gap Shelter. This was a rainy windy cold day of hiking past Indian Gap, Mt Collins Shelter for lunch, then to Mt Love and the dangerous ledges up to totally fogged in Clingmans Dome 6643' and 1000' down to the shelter. We were wet and tired! 5/21 Spence Field Shelter 15 miles This was an ups and downs day with windy sunny weather passing Silers Bald and having lunch at Derrick Knob Shelter. Not bad hiking with great views and a perilous fire tower that Bruce and I climbed. 5/22 Fontanna Dam 15 miles This was a day of one big up to Doe Knob but gradually down most of the way to the Dam. Got a ride to Knoxville from Bryan in his new Taurus. This was a major car enhancement from his decrepit old Buick Century. Saw a huge number of expensive motor bikes traveling "the dragon" on the way to Knoxville where we ate a great Mex dinner near Broadway.
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