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Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din

3/28/11 to 04/3/11 AT#11 GA Springer to Deep Gap NC

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3/28/11 to 04/3/11

AT#11 GA Springer to Deep Gap NC

With 2 Mile

Started at 2:17 in dense fog at Springer (see pic) Hiked 7 miles to Hawk Mtn on easy trail. 3/29 Woods Hole Shelter Hiked 18 miles of moderate ups and downs 3/30 Whitley Gap Shelter Hiked 21 miles of which the highlight was going thru Neels Gap and seeing Baltimore Jack who we'd see again at Harpers Ferry and Hanover. 3/31 Rocky Mtn Campsite Hiked 17 miles and arrived at 8:16pm exhausted! On the way up we met an old fart who was slow but steady who camped with us. Took a break at Unicoi Gap at a picnic bench and chatted with fellow hikers who were tired like us! 4/1 Deep Gap Hiked 15 miles to Deep Gap and arrived for the famous Brott Family trail magic event. See pics. Ate our brains out, heard owls out all nite in our tents. Brott gave us a ride out to a closeby town where 2 Mile’s brother Brian picked us up! The Brott family who are legendary thru hikers do the trail magic every year!They used a camper truck and shuttled the entire trail when they did their hike. This is largest trail magic event you’ll see on the AT.
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