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Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din

9/27-10/4/10 AT#10 PA Port Clinton to High Point NJ

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AT#10 PA Port Clinton to High Point NJ

With 2 Mile

Day 1 (9/27) High Point Park HQ to Glen Anderson Shelter 11.3 miles Parked at Port Clinton and got a shuttle to High Point. Hiked 2 miles to High Point Shelter in near darkness. See pics of the Obelisk. Day 2 (9/28) Glen Anderson Shelter to stealth camp near Blue Mountain Lakes Rd 13.6 miles Day 3 (9/29) stealth camp to Delaware Water Gap 17.6 miles Stayed at the Church of the Mountain Hostel Ate and ate at a Italian restaurant in town! There was a"hiker friendly" Outfitter in town that offers shuttles for $2.25 per mile Day 4 (9/30). Delaware Water Gap to Leroy Smith Shelter 20.4 miles. Not much in the way of good water on this section even at the shelter it can be scarce and good hike down to get it. Saw real chestnut trees that were about 8 foot tall. After a few years the die of the blight. We hiked through the remnants of a hurricane/nor’easter and got off at Wind River Gap to dry off. Stayed at a sleezy hotel run by two old Indian managers who can't maintain a hotel! The storm knocked out the cable so no tv! The bathroom cabinets were falling off the wall. Had to spend inordinate amount of time drying gear and clothes. Not much choice though other then a really short day but then we will have a longer day through the Palmerton Zinc site. Day 5 (10/1) Leroy Smith Shelter to Palmerston Jail 16.7 miles This is our day through a superfund site. Pretty denuded by all accounts. We descended the treacherous bolder field down to the 4 lane road going to town. Watch out they drive fast here! A lady hit her brakes hard and told us to jump in! We went to the Police Department and stayed at the basement jail (the town’s hostel)which was really grungy! We had a great dinner at a local steakhouse across the street. Day 6 (10/2) George Outerbridge Shelter to Allentown Shelter 16.8 miles Day 7 (10/3) Allentown Shelter to Windsor Furnace Shelter 16.5 miles. This was classic PA Rock hiking; they hate to have you miss their rock screes and granite outcroppings. Day 8 ((10/4) Windsor Furnace Shelter to Port Clinton PA!! 7 miles of a gradual descent into Port Clinton. Decided to defer lunch and drove back to Duncannon to eat our brains out at the Doyle Hotel (see pics).
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