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Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din

7/26-28 2010 AT#9 VA Blackrock to Swift Run Gap

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7/26-28 2010

AT#9 VA Blackrock to Swift Run Gap

with Montgomery.

Started at mile 1307.4 at 11am and hiked 9 miles to Loft Mountain Campground which had potable water! Got trail magic on the trail within first 2 miles! Hot dogs and beer.7/27/2010 Hiked 6 miles to Pinefield Hut in an up and down gradual descent walking past a spring on the way. Had lunch at Pinefield and hiked 10 miles to Hightop arriving at dusk. Talked to some young sobound thru-hikers until 9:30. The water was .25 mile downhill and steep but good spring water source. But there was no water so we retreated back a mile and tented near the trail for a beautiful sunset. 7/28/2010 Had a breakfast and headed out at 8:30 after a great sleep. Heard owls around 4am. Hiked 9 miles slight up to Panorama Thornton Gap. Took a French shower in rest room at Panorama/Thornton Gap.
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