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Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din

10/29-11/4 2009 AT# 6 PA Pine Grove Furnace to Port Clinton

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10/29-11/4 2009

AT# 6 PA Pine Grove Furnace to Port Clinton

with 2 Mile and Caras

Took car to Port Clinton and ported back to Pine Grove Furnace. 10/29 Started at mile N 1084 Pine Grove Furnace.and hiked 15 miles to Alec Kennedy Shelter. This was a fast flat hike in dense woods and no rocks. 10/30 Hiked over I-81 thru farmland and to Boiling Springs for early lunch at gas station close to clock tower. Saw a beautiful boxer at the pavilion next to the lake. Free camped at Pa 850 after hiking 21 miles 10/31 The trail being easy I went fast ahead of Caras and 2 Mile to eat a hearty lunch at Duncannon and waited for the laggards! Had a great chili and beer and did a pic with the owners. Hiked 13 miles on to Clarks Ferry Shelter. 11/1 Hiked 26 miles to Rausch Gap Shelter on a hard day of hiking including using lights to 12:30 through Magnolia thickets.This is our famous death march when my companions wanted to quit after eating dinner on the trail in a rhodendrun thicket. The Shelter had a tricky spur trail hard to find in the dark. It was a fantastic Shelter with a water fountain squarely 6' from the shelter! 11/2 This was a fast hike on an easy trail of 16 miles to the famous 501 Shelter which has a solar shower, is totally enclosed in an octagon and you can order delivery pizza to the trailhead at the shelter. The only issue is the trail spurs are not marked or signed making it difficult to find at night. 11/3 Hiked to Eagles Nest Shelter 15 miles on level trail following the rock outcroppings to the left. 11/4 Hiked to Port Clinton and hitched a ride to Cabellas where I French showered in the rest room! Use caution on steep descent down to Port Clinton due to the lack of switchbacks and loose gravel.
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