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Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din

10/11-10/15/2008 AT# 3 PA Pine Grove Furnace to Harpers Ferry WV through MD

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AT# 3 PA Pine Grove Furnace to Harpers Ferry WV through MD

With 2 Mile

10/11 Hiked 14 miles Big Pine Flat Ridge near Methodist Hill; water at Piney Spring 10/12 Hike thru Caledonia SP: waterer up in restroom and ate lunch at picnic table (a luxury).Hiked 17 miles to Rocky Mtn. Shelter 10/13 Hiked 26 miles to Pogo Campsite/Black Rock Rd passing High Rock (a viewing area highly graffitied). During the hike we heard many gun shots from nearby Fort Ritchie military reservation. 10/14 Hiked 16 miles to Crampton Gap shelter on fire roads thru an active fire (set by USFS as a burn area) on logging roads; fast trail. Bummed some water from USFS worker. Met some crazy old guys drinking hard stuff from Indiana at the shelter.In their real life they are local government high end muckety mucks but now they're raising hell and having fun! During the hike passed thru PenMar Park and a Mason-Dixon Line marker that on itís last day's! See pics.10/15 Easy 11 miles into Harpers Ferry mostly downhill and following Potomac for last 2 miles . This section was easy hiking despite some pesky rocks in PA. We learned that this section was used by ultra-marathoners (54 miles) who want to cross into three states on the same day! The Maryland section was fast and followed many fire and timber roads. Hiking into Harpers Ferry is beautiful because you follow the C&O Canal and the rivers.
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