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I finish up PA hiking across Cumberland Valley to Boiling Springs

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On this hike, I finally finished up PA! This section between Cove Mountain and Boiling Springs was completed as a number of day hikes and overnights. The 1st day, I slacked from the Parking at PA850 up Cove Mountain and back (10.5 miles). After that I drove over to the parking near Waggoners Gap just outside the Parking at Audubon Hawk Watch and hiked 0.9 miles South on the Tuscarora Trail to the Charlie Irvin Shelter for the night. It rained a little that night and I ended up hammocking because there was no place to put the tent with all the rocks. On day 2, I relocated the vehicle down to the parking on PA641 and hiked 10.2 miles to the Darlington Shelter for the night (it poured rain in the middle of the night) and returned the next day (Day 3). On Day 3, I also relocated the car to the parking at Lisburn Road and hiked (ping ponged) between PA641 and PA74 (4.2 miles). It was cold and very windy on day 3. I ended up staying off trail that night, returning to the parking at PA74 on day 4 to complete the hike in and out of Boiling Springs (5.3 miles). The trail is predominantly smooth and flat across the valley, with many joggers and dog walkers. The parking areas are plentiful along the way and facilitates easy sectioning of this area. The only downside is lack of drinkable water and NO CAMPING in the valley. This video is a little different style for me.