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Dirk's Rambles

Monday, March 15, 2021, 8:30 pm

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Took a zero (trail slang for a day of rest with no miles on the trail) today in Hiawassee. Washed clothes last night, and dried them today. Went out to dinner at the Sundance Restaurant with Jack, Steph, Jeff and Brad. Excellent meal along with a couple of beers. Tonight went out with Jeff, Brad and Grizzly. Steph was resting in her room.

I think I got my trail name tonight from Grizzly, Jeff and Brad. "Gobbler Whisperer"

Grizzly is guy we met earlier at one of the trail magic stops. He lived in Pittsburgh for seven years with his wife, has hiked the Laurel Highlands Trail, and has been many places given that he is only 29. He and his wife bicycled from Paris to Kazbekistan in the old Soviet Union. Their intentions were to bike from Paris to Hong Kong but due to the roads thru Kazbekistan being deplorable and some other logistical issues, they decided to go home. They biked over 5,000 miles. Impressive! They really enjoyed riding through Georgia (old Soviet Union) and Turkey. Grizzly got his trail name from a black bear that came to his tent at 1 am a couple of days ago. He spooked it with some loud creative profanities. But it gave him a scare, as it would anyone.

Our ride is coming at 9 am tomorrow to take us back to the trail. We have a steep climb in the morning.
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