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Day 5: No Pain No Maine

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Woke up bright and early just before 5am. Luckily now rain. Sun doesnít come up until 7:30am, so got my first experience with night hiking. It wasnít too bad (donít see why people like it) and I was in a group of 7, so safety in numbers. Neat thing was we heard a very loud owl 🦉. Thankfully the rain never came in as expected, which was good because Blood Mountain descent was a killer. My right knee started hurting during the last descent yesterday and every step down Blood Mountain was painful. However, with the early start I was still able to make it to Neels Gap by lunch time for a frozen pizza and a shakedown of my gear. Didnít have much gear to ditch, but IB Tat (well known YouTube thru hiker) did adjust my backpack fit and Iím so excited to try it out! Got picked up by Bonnie and taken to the Your Home in the Woods B&B. Itís a beautiful home with a lovely screened back porch. They made a delicious dinner, did my laundry and took us to Walmart for a resupply. One of the things about this experience that makes me anxious is not having access to my car. Not being able to control when and where I go, but today went off without a hitch. Hopefully Ill get better with going with the flow.
I and my knee are looking forward to the day off tomorrow 😴
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