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Day 7: Back At It

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Had another great breakfast this morning. Canít thank Bonnie and Paul enough for there hospitality. Paul shuttled Papa Bear and I back to Neels Gap and I was back on trail by 9:30am. Started off feeling really good. Pack was well positioned, itís nice weather, and my knee was feeling good. On the descent into Tesnatee Gap my knee started to hurt, but not as bad as it did on blood mountain. Thankfully, I had my first run in with Trail Angels. They had burgers, lemonade, brownies and more. They were the sweetest people just looking to help where they could. I love the culture around the trail. Got a nice break on my knee and headed off. Had another 5.5 miles to Low Gap Shelter. My knee held up pretty well on the descents considering the long day I had. Excitedly I got my trail name this afternoon. I was talking to another hiker and he said I have such a positive outlook that my trail name should be Bright Side. I like it. I have had several people tell me that since starting so I think itís a great fit. Made it into camp at 6:30. Just enough time to set up, cook, and get water before the sun goes down. Very proud of my 11.5 miles today. Tomorrow is only 7.3 miles, so I think Iíll sleep in a little bit.Click image for larger version. 

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