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Day 10: Relaxing in Town

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Very glad with my decision to stay another day in town. Itís very cold and windy in Hiawassee, canít imagine being on the mountain in this. Switched over to the Budget Inn for the night since its cheaper and it will be more convenient to shuttle back to the trail. My friend Lizzie decided to get off trail and come into town due to the cold, so we are splitting a room. Decided to take advantage of the zero day and go to Urgent Care and get my knee checked out. The doctor believes itís just inflamed, but no tear or anything which is good. I got a steroid shot and a prescription for a stronger anti-inflammatory. It already feels better. Hoping to up my mileage for 10-12 miles/day, so I didnít want to push it if I was truly injured. Had a great dinner at Hiawassee Brew with other thru hikers. Plan to be back on trail tomorrow. It will be cold, but Iím prepared. Hopefully, I can make it to Franklin before my next resupply.
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