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Day 12: Not a fan of the cold

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Didnít sleep too badly. Was a little cold to start but warmed up quickly. Getting up however was not fun. My hands were so cold that they hurt when I had to put my tent up. Once I broke camp and got moving it was better. It was 10 miles to Plumorchard Gap Shelter. Last night I kept dreaming about copperhead snakes. In my AT guide book, it mentions there is a copperhead nest in one of the stumps. I met a ridge runner along the trail and they assured me it was too cold for snakes. But of course I see a snake 10 feet from the shelter. Googled it later, turned out it was a brown snake, but I treat every snake like itís poisonous. My knee did well, no pain, but I didnít have that same spring in my step today. When I got to camp I decided to sleep in the shelter so I didnít have to set up my tent. It was a nice shelter, 3 levels. Tomorrow I should cross over into North Carolina. Hopefully, that milestone will pick up my mood.
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