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Day 16: Best Laid Plans

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Got up at 7am this morning to go to a free pancake breakfast from the First Baptist Church in Franklin. They do this every morning for a month and this is their 12th year. It was delicious. 🥞 Then went to Outdoor76 to get new shoes. Hopefully they will work just as well as my old ones. I tried calling REI for a refund or replace but they said they donít cover ďwear and tearĒ. UGH. Got my food resupply and relaxed most of the afternoon. It suppose to storm tomorrow, so Iím going to try slack packing tomorrow. Basically itís just day hiking and then you shuttle back to the same hotel. So you can still get miles without carrying your full weight. It will be good to break in my shoes this way. Iím still working on the whole go with the flow thing when it comes to planning. Itís hard to decide if I want to hike on at my pace with my plan or see what the group wants to do. Still trying to find the right balance.
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