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Day 18: Early Start

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Karaís dad gave us a ride to the trail head this morning. He picked us up at 6:45am 😒, but he was so nice to take us and stopped and got us breakfast at McDonalds. 10 mile day to Cold Spring Shelter. Hopefully, the early start will allow me to get a spot in the shelter since itís suppose to rain tonight and into the morning. It was a beautiful day. Leap frogged with about 7 other hikers all day. Then about a mile before the shelter I ran into the most amazing Trail Magic! They were a group of guys dressed in 17th century outfits and had at least 5 canopies/tents set up. They had chili, biscuits, sodas that was all delicious. I got there in the early afternoon and stayed about 2 hours. All that food made that last mile uphill a nightmare, but luckily there was still room in the shelter. I think most of the bad weather is in the afternoon, so hopefully I can make it the 11.5 miles to the NOC by lunch. Then I have a roomed booked for tomorrow night, so I can sleep dry.
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