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Day 21: Nice and Easy

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An ok night in the shelter. My sleeping bag is attached to the sleeping pad, which is usually nice because it keeps me from rolling off or sliding down. But last night I kept turning and constricting myself, so I would have to unzip my sleeping bag to untangle myself. Weird. I woke up before the girl next to me and since I was in no rush and would have to climb over her to get down the ladder I decided to watch a downloaded show on my phone. Eventually got my morning moving along and packed up and hit the trail. Made it to Stecoah Gap by lunch time and got picked up by the Hike Inn. Got laundry done and showered. They took me and the hikers into Bryson City for dinner and resupply. Was all wrapped up and back in my room by 7pm. Iíll be staying here the next 3 nights (practically moving into the place &#128521 with slack packing and a zero. Then on to the smokies.
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