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Day 22: Slack Packing Take 2

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Woke up at 6:45 to have a 7:30 start. Not too bad, but had to be done by 4pm to be picked up by the hotel, so wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to complete my 14 miles to Fontana Dam. Felt great not having to carry out that weight and was moving really well especially uphill. Saw my first real wild life (snakes donít count) 2 deer with really fluffy white tails. Iíve seen my fair share of deer before, but none like these. They ran off too quick for me to get a picture, but I googled it and itís a plain old white tailed deer they just donít always have their tail erect. Around mile 10, started to get tired and luckily all that was left was downhill. Even though I slack packed I still feel like I put in a full day. And bonus I get to go back to a real shower and bed.
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