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Day 23: Mentally Preparing for the Smokies

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Taking a zero today to rest up for the Smokies. And it will be a real zero with no where to go. Resupply, laundry are already done. I know taking 3 nights at the Hike Inn seems like a bit much, but the Smokies have been intimidating me. Partially because it seems like a tunnel with the only mid way exit being Gatlinburg. Thatís more restricting than what Iíve seen so far. Secondly, the bear encounters. Crosby Knob Shelter is closed because a bear got in a guys tent and stole his pack. Most likely he was sleeping with his food, but I hear the bears here just fear people less. At least their havenít been any injuries or attacks and I have pepper spray just in case. I plan to get off in Gatlinburg to give myself a break, so Iím prepared as I can be.

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