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Day 24: Entering the Smokies

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Here we go. Got started shortly after 8am. Had a couple miles to get through Fontana Dam and then it was a 4 mile ascent right off the bat into the Smokies. Iíve noticed my energy depleting the last couple days, so today Iím going to eat proactively every hour and half. I have been just waiting till Iím hungry but I know by then itís too late. I definitely felt better today on the ascent. No bear sightings so far. I can definitely see why people like the Smokies. It is beautiful. Made it the 13 miles to Mollies Ridge. Decided to take a spot in the shelter because itís pretty windy tonight and the shelter is perfectly blocking it. Tonight should be the coldest night, but it wont be that much warmer over the next couple days. Mollies Ridge is also in Tennessee, so officially have a new state under my belt which is exciting. Will be crossing the TN/NC border for a while.
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