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Day 26: Highest Point on the AT!

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Started to snow! before I even left the shelter this morning. It kind of fluttered between snow, freezing rain and hail all morning. Wasnít too bad, but Iím definitely glad I had my cold weather gear and rain jacket. Iím a happy camper as long as Iím dry and warm. Sun came out right at lunch time which was perfect since I was getting to Clingmanís Dome this afternoon. Itís the highest point on the AT and the 200 mile mark. Geez, feels like I just hit 100 miles. Got some amazing views from Clingmans Dome and got to impress some day hikers with my thru hiker cred. 😁 From there is was another 3 miles to the shelter for a 13 mile day. Definitely pushing my limits today on distance, but there was already a fire started in the shelter fireplace which was soooo nice. It will be great to get into Gatlinburg tomorrow and take a break.
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