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Day 27: First Hitch

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Woke up and got moving early this morning. Nothing like the promise of a warm bed and real food to get me going. Thankfully Sourdough started a fire this morning, so I was able to keep warm as I packed up. Only 5 miles today to Newfound Gap where I can get a ride into Gatlinburg. Itís a popular tourist spot, so itís suppose to be an easy hitch. Got a ride from a young couple that hikes, so they didnít think we were dangerous. Lol. Unfortunately, they only took us to the welcome center, so we still had to walk 1.5 miles to get into town. But itís all part of the experience. 😒 Had lunch with the group then headed off to the hotel to get cleaned up. Gatlinburg is definitely packed with tourists. It kind of reminds me of a PG version of New Orleans and Six Flags combined. Treated myself to Melting Pot for dinner. Havenít had Melting Pot since I lived in Baton Rouge. It is still delicious and a ton of food. Luckily I can sleep it off tomorrow with a zero day.
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