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Day 29: Big Mile Day

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Got up early this morning to make the 8:30am shuttle back to Newfound Gap, but as I was walking down the road a nice couple from Tyler, TX volunteered to give me a ride. Since the shuttle was for only the first 8 hikers I decided to take the hitch. Tried to take it nice and slow since I knew I had quite a few miles to do. I started to feel gassed around mile 5, but just kept eating and taking breaks. Pecks Shelter was at mile 10, but I had heard that it was .75 miles of trail and down a steep hill. Also, with Crosby Knob closed I would be left with either 5 or 20 miles for the next day. But I left myself the option to stop there if it was after 3pm when I got there. Well it was 2:45pm so I pressed on. Luckily the terrain wasn’t that bad, but I definitely and not ready for 15 mile days to be the regular. Made it to the shelter about 6pm and luckily there was still space in the shelter. Did the bare minimum and got to bed.
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