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Day 30: Leaving the Smokies

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Today is another big mile day, but itís mostly downhill. It started to snow a little just as I was leaving the shelter. Today is definitely a keep it moving day and try to get to lower altitude. I was hoping the weather would clear up but it continued to snow. Probably about 2 inches accumulated. I have never hiked in my puffy before because I would be too warm. Today I hiked in my puffy and raincoat the whole day. I was ok as long as I kept moving, but as soon as I stopped for a break it was unpleasant. When I got to Crosby Knob Shelter for lunch I decided I couldnít take it any longer. My original plan was to stop at Davenport Gap Shelter, but a mile past that was Davenport Gap where I could get a ride into Newport and get a hotel. Made it to the gap about 4pm and had a shuttled lined up to take me to a hotel. It was absolutely wonderful to get out of the cold. Best decision ever. My hotel was right next to a Cracker Barrel and Walmart, so I had dinner and resupplied to get me to Hot Springs.
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