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Day 32: Officially 1 Month on Trail

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Woke up surprisingly rested. Woke up a couple times in the middle of the night. I think some of the hikers kept the fire going until at least 3am to make sure the bears didnít come back. Planned to do 13 miles to Walnut Mountain Shelter. However, hit quite the up on my way to Max Patch. I had been warned that NC didnít do switchbacks and that the trail went straight up. My right knee and a toe on my left foot were aggravating me all morning. After pushing 2 16 mile days back to back I think my body is pushing back. I had already booked my stay at The Happy Gnomad hostel for the next night, but when I passed their sign and saw they slacked packed from Max Patch Road I couldnít resist. So I called and was picked up in an hour. Jumanji, the owner, is the happiest guy Iíve ever met. He just has an infectious smile. Hung around with the rest of the other hikers all evening watching Lord of the Rings.
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