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Day 34: Slack Packing Max Patch

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Today Iím slack packing 14 miles from Max Patch road to Garenflo Gap. 2 Knees and Not Sure also planned to do the same thing so we coordinated our ride in the morning to split the cost. Got out on trail shortly after 9am and was met with fog and wind. Supposedly Max Patch has pretty views, but we didnít see anything unfortunately. It was a nice section, where I had gotten off trail I had really been through the worst of it, but Iím still glad I got off. Got some trail magic at lemon and garenflo gap. Weather cleared up. Not quite sunny, but it wasnít too cold. Itís suppose to warm up in the next couple days, hopefully, by the time Iím done slack packing ☺️. Made it to the gap about 3pm, with plenty of time to relax at the hostel.
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