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Day 35: Slack Packing to Hot Springs

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Just over 6 miles today to get us into Hot Springs and itís almost all downhill. 2 Knees and Not Sure are joining me again today. We hiked at the same pace yesterday, so we all seem well matched on pace. Due to the short mileage, we slept in and didnít get started until 10am. Still made it into Hot Springs in time for lunch. Had a delicious burger at the Iron Horse Station. The hostel owners got a 8 week old Pyrenees puppy today, so we spent the afternoon getting puppy cuddles. The hostel also slack packs to Allen Gap, which is tempting, but I think I need to keep it moving tomorrow before I move in. LOL. I did rip a hole in my leggings and Jumanji was nice enough to see them for me. I might not have chosen the yellow thread through. 😂 Unfortunately, the backpacks didnít arrive at the outfitter, so I guess Iíll just have to keep looking.
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