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Day 38: Mile 300!

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Woke up rested and feeling good. Pushed through the remaining climb and then it leveled out thankfully. We were on a rocky ridge for a couple miles. It was beautiful, but hard going. Not Sureís heel has been bothering him for awhile, but the rocks did him in. He and 2 Knees decided to get off trail and shuttle to Erwin. I was feeling really good and didnít want to figure out the logistics to get back, so I decided to push on. Plus I had a feeling Not Sure may have to take several zeros to rest and I didnít want to get stuck. My original plan was 14 miles to Flint Mountain Shelter, but itís suppose to storm tonight and there is a hostel just 3 miles farther (all downhill). Terrain was pretty easy so I powered through and made it to the hostel before 5pm. Biggest mile day so far! Hostel gave me Deliverance vibes and there was only 1 other guy when I got there, but 1 hour later 4 others arrived making me feel better. Glad to get out of the weather and have pizza 🍕 and soda.
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