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Day 51: Short Rainy Day

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Only 8 miles today, but itís suppose to rain until mid afternoon. Easy and flat to start. Passed Laurel Falls. Good long decent down stone steps. That was interesting to do in the rain. Had a 3 mile ascent over Pond Flats Mountain. I can definitely feel myself getting into better and better shape. Iíve been feeling good. No pain and no blisters. On the descent I did start to feel cold. I think the wet was getting to me. Thankfully made it into Boots Off Hostel before 2pm. Able to shower, change and warm up by the fire. Boots Off is a nice hostel. Caught up with a lot of hikers Iíve seen on the trail. There was live music and food. Set up to have a comfy night in my bunk.
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