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Day 52: Aqua Blazing

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Had a nice and relaxing morning. We donít start gathering for Aqua blazing until 10am. 😁 They have a full group of 14 hikers signed up. We are kayaking 8 miles and that will equate to 21 miles of the trail. Today was a beautiful day. Partly cloudy. Little wind. Still a little to cold for me to swim, but nice to dip my hands and feet in. Iím a little nervous that my arms wonít be able to handle all the work, but they held up really well. I was the only female that did a single kayak (the others did pairs). So I was proud I kept up. After 3 miles, there was a little island we stopped at and took a nice long break. A few people swam, but it was too cold for me. It was such a relaxing time. Most of the group was in no rush. So I propped my feet up and just relaxed and enjoyed the sun. 😎 Finished around 4pm and went back to the hostel for the night.
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