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Day 53: Goodbye Tennessee

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Have a 22 mile slack pack today. Getting shuttled by Boots Off to the trailhead. Unfortunately they couldnít get me there until 9:30am. Iíll be hiking into Damascus and Trail Days starts today. Trail Days is a annual event. There are vendors, food, and music. Hikers come from past years and current thru hikers shuttle back or up wherever they are on trail. The hike today is a pretty nice one. Iím up on a ridge, so thereís little elevation change before I descend into Damascus. Made good time. About 2.75 miles/hr. Passed some trail magic around 11:30am. They were making taco soup which was tempting, but I still had 13 miles to go. Crossed the TN/VA state line! 3 states down. 10 more to go! Made it into Damascus by 5:30pm. Skimmed trail days before being picked up by the hostel. We decided to go back to the Refugee because every place in town was booked and we didnít want to stay in tent city. Looking forward to the festivities tomorrow.
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