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Day 56: Slow and steady

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I had to mail my pack and sleeping bag home and the post office didnít open until 8:30am. So no rushing this morning. Got to the post office and was told they didnít have a box big enough for my pack. Luckily the outfitter a block away had one, so I was good to go. We got breakfast and was on trail by 10am. Kind of a late start for our 15.7 miles and itís suppose to rain this afternoon, but if we need to stop early we will. Took breaks every couple hours for Not Sure. He held up well considering it was his first day back on trail in over a week. Luckily the rain held off and we made it into camp just after 6pm. My new pack did well. Adjusted it a few times during the day, but definitely noticed a difference in weight. Set up in the shelter because there was room. Lots of tents around the shelter today. With Trail Days, everyone is exiting Damascus at the same time.
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