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Day 62: Moving Forward

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Got shuttled back to the trail first thing in the morning. We have 15 miles today to get to Davis Path Campsite. I have a heavy pack with 5 days of food. Going slow and steady today with several good breaks. Made it to Atkins, VA around 2:30pm, which was about 11 miles in. Not Sure decided he had gone far enough today with his heel pain and 2 knees decided to stay with him. Iím really ready to start averaging 15 miles each day and I donít think Not Sure will be there anytime soon, so I think itís time to move on. As much as I like hiking with them, I want to hike my hike. Ken and I pushed on the last few miles. Hit the 1/4 way mark. Took me 2 months to do it and I have 4 months to go, so I definitely need to pick up my pace. But Iím trying not to stress too much and just enjoy the journey. There are still plenty of other hikers around me. There was no water at this campsite, so I had to fill up about a mile before. Carrying all that extra weight was miserable, but we made it. It was a smaller campsite, but there was only for of us. Had a nice quiet evening.
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