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Day 64: Ready for a hostel stay

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Today we have 12 miles to Mountain Garden Hostel and I am ready for a hostel. Iím hot and smelly. We have a good climb up to Chestnut Knob Shelter the itís rolling the rest of the way. That was one tough climb. Today I still feel like I donít have that push to get me uphill, so Iím taking lots of breaks. But hey Iím still moving. Iím glad Iím doing this climb at the being of the day and not the end. Had some great views from the top. From the shelter we have 6 miles to the road, it wasnít too bad, but I donít think I was drinking enough water so I was feeling haggard. Made it to the road by 2:30pm and got picked up. The hostel is in this beautiful valley. The place itself is a little rough, but itís nice enough. Showered and did laundry and at least 10 more hikers showed up, so we had a full house. Hung on the porch and had burgers and fries. What a great pick me up for my mood.
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