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Day 65: Good, but late start to the day

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Woke up and got ready to head out this morning. The plan is to do 18 miles today, but Iím not sure when weíre getting back to the trail. The hostel owner decided to take the group to Maggieís Place for breakfast. Iíve heard great things about their food, so I decided to jump on board. Literally. It was a great breakfast. Well worth the late start. Itís 10am already and still not on trail, but oh well. Finally, made it back on trail just after 11am. I got a little frustrated. We would be ready to go then another hiker would want to come and need a few minutes to pack. This happened 4 times. The terrain ahead isnít that bad though. Made it the first 9 miles and filled up our water. We have either 9 miles to the next shelter and next water (or original plan) or 7 miles to the town of Bland. Stopping sooner than that isnít really an option when we donít have the opportunity to get more water and I donít want to stop at 9 miles. We made it to Bland about 6pm, I was tired and ready to stop, but I could push another 2 miles just out of sheer stubbornness. Made it to the shelter just after 8 pm. Basically set up in the shelter and immediately went to bed. Didnít even eat dinner.
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