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Day 67: Race to Woods Hole Hostel

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Today itís suppose to rain all day, but thunderstorms could roll in this afternoon so I donít want to dilly dally. We have 15 miles and a good climb today. Breakfast isnít served until 8am and after last nights amazing dinner Iím not skipping out on that. Got on trail at 9am with just a light drizzle that lasted most of the morning. Twinkle Toes, who I am hiking with today, said a thunderstorm was headed our way and to get moving. He was successful in freaking me out, but it just rained a little harder nothing extreme. Made it to Woods Hole Hostel by 4:30pm. Apparently itís the oldest hostel on the AT. It was a very neat place. Very hippy. Before dinner, we gathered in a circle and said what we are grateful for. Dinner was a salad from their own garden, homemade bread, and cheese from an Amish community.
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