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Day 70: Slack Packing 20 miles

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Got an early start to do our 20 mile slack pack SOBO back to Pearisburg. Started the day off with a climb, but it was switch backed really well so not too hard. Even though itís 20 miles itís suppose to be nice and easy. Made good time and got to Rice Field Shelter for lunch. The nice thing about going SOBO is seeing the NOBO hikers. I came across Poet and Scribe. Two brothers I hadnít seen since the NOC. I think they have always just been a day or two ahead of me, but now Iíve caught them so hopefully Iíll get to hang out with them more. I also saw Crab Man who I thought was several days ahead, but he ended up zeroing at Woods Hole for a few days. It makes me feel better about my pace and speed seeing hikers I thought were long gone. Finished the day by 4pm and went back to Angelís Rest. I think we will slack pack again tomorrow to really crush some more miles.
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