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Dirk's Rambles

May 1, 2021, 8:05 pm

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Left Crazy Larry's Hostel this morning at about 8:25 am. My stay at his hostel was very good. He treated me and the other guests very well. He has a mixed reputation but I found him to be hard working and eager to make people happy. He cooked breakfast for us each of the two mornings that I stayed. morning I wasn't hungry at all and didn't eat lunch until 1 pm.

The hike today was 16 miles. There were a couple of relatively small mountains but nothing serious. We parelelled a bike trail called the Virginia Creeper. It was built beside a scenic river, who's name I don't know. I'd love to come back and bike it.

I leap frogged with a woman who's trail name is Rusty Flatts. Met her at Crazy Larry's, where she slept last night. She was awakened by a woman who was looking for one of the guests about midnight. She was upset about it this morning but the guest who the woman was looking for paid for her stay. She felt better after that. Rusty has been nice to talk to.

Got to camp about 5:15 pm. Only one other person at the shelter. A long guy, former boy scout leader who is out here on his own. Enjoyed his company. His trail name is Schroom, because he likes wild mushrooms.
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