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Day 71: Slack Packing 21 miles

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Today we a slack packing again. The terrain is harder today, so we arenít moving as fast as we did yesterday. For some reason a few miles in I started to not feel well. I stopped to drink some water and it hurt a little in my stomach. I didnít feel sick more of just a lack of energy. At this point we still had 15 miles to do which didnít seem possible in the moment. I texted our shuttle driver to see what our options are. There were some closer pick up points but they were more expensive. We stopped for lunch and I felt better after that. The terrain got nicer to, so I decided to stick with the original plan. We made it to the pick up point at 6pm. I was exhausted and sore. I may need another zero after these 2 days of slack packing. LOL.
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