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Day 72: Virginia Blues

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Today we slept in an extra hour due to our late day yesterday. Packed up and left Angelís Rest by 8:30am. Got a shuttle back to trail. We are going to play today by ear. Thereís a shelter at 10 miles and weíll go from there. Today starts with a climb. After a zero and 2 days of slack packing, I have to get use to my pack again. It was a struggle. I drank all my water and had to go .4 miles off trail to get more. Even the flat ridge was rocky which made it challenging. I took a lot of breaks today and was very slow. I just didnít have the energy today. I donít know if Iím not eating enough, the increased mileage or something else. People talk about the Virginia Blues and I think I have it. We made it to the shelter around 3:30pm and I felt done. 10 miles feels like a very unimpressive day, but oh well. The other factor is the weather. It is suppose to storm all day tomorrow. Originally, we planned to hike to Four Pines Hostel tomorrow to get out of the weather, but based on my mood we decided to get picked up from the road 1.5 miles past the shelter and shuttle to the Hostel and then slack pack the 15 miles tomorrow. I was so thankful to get to the hostel. It has a great vibe. Hung out, played some chess, and ate some burgers. Chatting with the other hikers, they recommended not doing Dragonís Tooth in the rain (the section we are lined up to do). Itís really rocky. Like climbing down rock faces and it would be pretty treacherous in the rain. So we decided to zero tomorrow and wait out the rain.
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