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Day 75: McAfee Knob

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A group is getting there packs brought to Daleville and then slack packing there. We decided to jump on that. It is 26 miles and we had originally planned to take 2 days to do that section, but I hear the terrain isn’t that bad. Plus I need to get my second COVID shot and will need to take 2 zeros for that, so this will make up time. We got started about 7:30am. Sun sets about 8:45pm, so we want to give ourselves as much time as we can so we’re not night hiking. Started out the day breezing through the miles. Hit McAfee Knob around 12. I was surprised it wasn’t more crowded being a Saturday. We passed day hikers on the trail, but very few people on the Knob which was nice. It was beautiful there. I can see why it’s such an iconic spot. Had one more climb after that, which wasn’t horrible, but I definitely didn’t have time to dilly dally. The last 3 miles was when it hit me and I had to push. Luckily it was flat or downhill. Made it at 8:45 just as it was getting to dark. Luckily the trail spits you out right by the hotel, so I was showered and off my feet in no time. Forced myself to go to the Mexican restaurant for food and then passed out. Tomorrow’s zero will be much needed.
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