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Day 79: Mental Day

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Today was a hard day. Not physically, not due to the terrain or weather, but mentally. Recently several hikers have decided to get off because they miss their families or arenít enjoying the trail anymore. And the hikers that remain are talking about their own struggles. Itís nice to know Iím not the only one feeling this way, but itís also adding to my own anxiety versus making me excited to be out here. Pickles whom Iím hiking with is really struggling and her depression is really bringing me down. Today I really felt like quitting. The whole 10 miles I was imagining what I would do when I get off. This is the first time Iíve really felt this way. Instead of pushing 18 miles, I stopped at a campground at 10 miles. This gave me a short day and a nice relaxing afternoon. Went swimming in the pond and socialized with the other hikers. Ken and Pickles decided to hike on which will hopefully allow me to meet more upbeat hikers.
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