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Day 80: Big Climb

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Woke up this morning pretty much having decided to quit the trail. Parted of me wanted to cut back my mileage and continue to at least Harperís Ferry, but once I felt done it was hard to be motivated to continue hiking. I spent the morning talking to hikers telling them my plan. Some tried to convince me to stay, some seemed content with my reasoning. The breakfast the campground made was amazing. I donít think I have ever had a better biscuit in my life. On the ride back to the trail we saw a baby deer running in the road for over a 100 yards. It was so cute! Today I have 11 miles to Sunset Field to get picked up by the hostel. It is pretty much all uphill. I confirmed with the driver yesterday a pick up time of 2:40pm, but the campground didnít get me back to the trail until 9am, so I asked to push back to 3pm. At first they said this was impossible due to their busy schedule. Surprisingly, I havenít cried on trial before. Thankfully I got over it quickly and they texted me back saying they could make 3:40 work. Rest of the day was smooth and checked into Stanimals Hostel in Glasgow. FaceTimed my family and decided to stay on trail at least until my sister and brother-in-law come to visit on the 21st. That will give me plenty of time to think things over.
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